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Olga Rotar

Research student

Olga Rotar

Lancaster University

County South



Research overview

Olga has been working at the Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance (SPbSUEF) as a Distance Learning Specialist since 2015. In 2016 Olga joined Edicational Research Department at Lancaster University as PhD student.  

In contrast to previous studies, Olga's research project aims to uncover differences and similarities in experiences and perceptions of adult student population as they embark on online education.  Specifically, Olga is trying to understand the dynamics and expansion of adult students' awareness in relation to the phenomenon of transition to online learning.

The findings of the research will be used to assist the module team to gain insights into how adult students experience transition to online learning, and perceive their progress and prospects in their MBA modules. This will contribute to a better understanding on how to improve tuition in online modules, more specifically the MBA, for adult students and how to develop a better support system for them.


Thesis Title

Phenomenographic research on adult students' transitional experiences in, and perceptions of their learning in online postgraduate programmes at the UK university

Additional Information

I am a student member of Centre for Technology Enhanced learning (CTEL). In addition to the CTEL activities, I am representing interests of International Student group during Departmental Meetings withing the Educational Research Department.



Current Research

In 2016-2017 I has been involved in a FASS Departmental project headed by Dr Kyungmee Lee and Dr Murat Oztok as a Research Assistant.

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