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Pablo De Juan Bernabeu

Research student

Pablo De Juan Bernabeu

Lancaster University

Fylde College




I'm a PhD student and graduate teaching assistant in Psychology. I'm studying how conceptual processing is supported by linguistic and sensorimotor brain systems. My methods include behavioural and electroencephalographic experiments, as well as corpus analysis.

Thesis Outline

How do we understand the meaning of words? That is, how does your brain make sense of what you are reading now? The brain appears to devote two main systems to this process. Early on, frequent linguistic connections are activated. For instance, the word ‘transport’ would activate other words such as ‘move'. Subsequently, the meaning is further qualified by sensory, motor, and affective regions of the brain. In this way, we simulate aspects of the meaning such as colour, object orientation, motor affordances, affective connotations, etc.

Research Interests

  • Cognitive psychology and neuroscience
  • Psycholinguistics
  • Semantic / conceptual processing
  • Statistics
  • Open science
  • Programming

Current Teaching

As a graduate teaching assistant (GTA), I contribute to seminars, labs, marking, GTAs' representation (2019/2020), and invigilation, totalling 180 hours per year.





Understanding Psychology (101)

Investigating Psychology: Analysis (102)


Understanding Psychology (101)

Cognitive Psychology (201)

Master's Statistics (401)

Web Links

Curriculum Vitae

Research materials on OSF


Data dashboards:

Blog posts:

Webpage: http://www.research.lancs.ac.uk/portal/en/people/pablo-de-juan-bernabeu


Research Master Language and Communication - Tilburg University and Radboud University (Netherlands)

BA English Philology - Autonomous University of Madrid

Additional Information


Cognitive science

Electroencephalography, event-related potentials, transcranial brain stimulation, eye tracking, Internet-based testing, Brain Vision (Recorder and Analyzer), basic E-Prime and Presentation.

R programming

RMarkdown/Bookdown reports; interactive Binder environments; interactive visualizations with Shiny, Flexdashboard, Plotly; mining, preprocessing, analysis of Big Data (language corpora, news and social media, through API or web scraping); statistics; visualization; Natural Language Processing (regular expressions, word frequency and sentiment analysis, topic modelling).


Mainly Frequentist and some Bayesian statistics. Linear Mixed Effects models, AN(C)OVA, (multiple) regression, t-test, Chi-Square, correlation, Principal Component Analysis, equivalence testing. R and SPSS software.

Communication & marketing  

Trados translation software, website development (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap), Search Engine Optimization and Marketing, online advertising.

Business & administration

Quantitative and qualitative service analysis. Power BI, Zendesk, Jira, Confluence, Asana.



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