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Dr Panagiotis Georgopoulos

Formerly at Lancaster University

Panagiotis Georgopoulos

Research overview

UPDATE April 2015 :

I am now 100% with ETH Zurich as Senior Researcher and Lecturer at the Communications Systems Group headed by Prof. Dr. Bernhard Plattner.

I keep collaborating with Lancaster University researchers on a regular basis though ;-)

You can see my ETH page here, my personal page here and my linked in profile here.

My previous Lancaster profile page follows. 


I am a Research Associate at the School of Computing and Communications, working on the GN3plus GEANT EU FP7 project, where we focus on carrying out a cross-site deployment and evaluation of an OpenFlow-assisted Video-on-Demand (VoD) Distribution Service. This continues my postdoctoral work on the Ofelia FP7 EU research project where we developed an OpenFlow-assisted in-network caching service for Video-on-Demand.

I am also part of the Security Lancaster initiative, for which the University has been awarded the "Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research" title.

Finally, I am also a Senior Researcher and Lecturer at the Communications Systems Group headed by Prof. Dr. Bernhard Plattner at ETH Zurich.


I obtained my PhD in Networking from the SCC, where I was part of the Network Mobility research group. My PhD research focused on how to provide Security, AAA and Privacy to Mobile Hosts and Mobile Networks. 

I have been a researcher in EU, UK and Greek wide research projects such as OFELIAU2010, Portable WLAN and Archimedes II.

Research Interests

  • Software Defined Networking (SDN) - OpenFlow
  • Network Media Systems, IPTV, Quality of Experience
  • Security, AAA and Privacy in a mobile IPv6 context 
  • Host and Network Mobility 
  • Location Awareness / Presence Management

Supervised By

Current PI : Dr. Nicholas Race

PhD Supervisors : Dr. Chris Edwards, Prof. David Hutchison

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Thesis Title

Mobility, AAA, Security, Privacy : A Unified Architecture to enable Real-World Host and Network Mobility

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