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Dr Patricia Murrieta-Flores

Formerly at Lancaster University

Patricia Murrieta-Flores


I’m a Mexican archaeologist. Before coming to the UK as a Research Fellow supported by the  National Council of Science and Technology of Mexico (CONACYT), I worked for the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) for several years. I was head of the cartography unit of the INAH-Chiapas Centre and I developed several projects within the National Coordination of Archaeology. 

I hold a PhD from the University of Southampton and my research has been mainly concerned with the analysis of the dynamics of movement during Late Prehistory in Southern Iberia with spatial technologies. I have mainly focused on the development of new theories and methodologies using spatial analysis and innovative computational techniques to understand human movement and travelling during prehistoric times. I’m involved in several projects in Spain and Mexico looking at the mobility of Late Antique societies in the Balearic Islands, Tarragona and Barcelona, and I work for the Zoque-Mayan site of Iglesia Vieja in Chiapas as technical director.  As a member of the Archaeological Computing Research Group (ACRG) at Southampton I presented my work in several international conferences and published several articles.

As a Research Fellow at Lancaster University in the project “Spatial Humanities: Text, GIS & Places”, I have been working on the implementation of GIS and other spatial methodologies for the analysis of historical and literature sources of the in the UK such as the Lake District literature, 19th century newspapers and the Registrar General Reports. In this project I will be developing methodologies to understand the perception of place and space, and the impact of the landscape in historical narratives among others.

Research Interests

I am mainly interested in the application of spatial analysis in Archaeology, History and Literature and the development of methodologies through computational approaches and particularly GIS for these disciplines. 

I am also interested on the theoretical implications of the use of technology in the research and interpretive process in the Humanities and the perception of place, space and time.

I’m very interested in interdisciplinary collaboration so please feel free to contact me anytime!

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