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Dr Qiandong Zhuang

Senior Lecturer

Qiandong Zhuang

Lancaster University

Physics Building



PhD supervision

My research focuses on semiconductor nanostructures and physics including MBE growth, semiconductor characterization and devices containing nanostructures


Q. D. Zhuang gained his Ph.D from the Institute of Semiconductors , Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1999 for research into the Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) growth of low-dimensional compound semiconductors and the applications for infrared optoelectronics. Since then he worked at the Singapore Nanyang Technological University as a Research Fellow to investigate InAs/GaAs quantum dots photodetectors and lasers. In 2001, he joined MBE group at the University of Glasgow to exclusively exploit a new class semiconductor of dilute nitride for telecom VCSELs. During the time at the Univesity of Glasgow, he was also responsible for supplying wide range of high quality epitaxial wafers to commercial customers. He joined the Physics Department at Lancaster University in 2003 where he established the MBE Laboratory and has been leading the MBE-related research activities in the group of Semiconductor Physics and Nanostructures.

Research Interests

My research focuses on semiconductor nanostructures and physics including MBE growth, semiconductor characterization and devices containing nanostructures:

  • MBE grown compound semiconductor materials inclduing arsenide, antimonide, dilute nitride and nitride;
  • Semiconductor quantum structures including quantum dots of InAs/GaAs, GaSb/GaAs and InSb/InAs,
  • Droplet epitaxy of GaAs/AlGaAs and GaSb/AlGaSb QDs
  • Semiconductor nanowires and integration with silicon and 2D materials for advanced nanophonics. 
  • 2D materials epitaxy and device applications
  • Semiconductor characterization by apparatuses of DCXRD, photoluminescence, Hall measurement, AFM, SEM, and TEM etc.
  • Optoelectronic devices including VCSELs, Lasers, LEDs, and photovoltaic, thermo-photovoltaic and photodetectors

Additional Information

PhD and Postdoctoral Opportunities

I am always looking for students with high academic records for PhD study (EPSRC DTA studentship, Overseas Studentship and LU Faculty Overseas Studentship). I also welcome high respect researchers for postdoctoral posts. Please feel free to contact me for details. 

Collaborations and Visitors

I established wide national and international collaborations including Nottingham University, Surrey University, Hull University, Warwick University, and Sun-Yat-Sen University, Wroclaw University of Technology, Nanyang Technological University, Taiwan National University. In addition, I set up close industrial collaboration with Cascade Technologies, Oclaro, Oxford Instrument, Gas Sensing Ltd and CST. I am keen to develop international collaborations and to host high respect researchers and scientists as Academic Visitors. During the last a few years, I had visitors from China, India and Russia. Please get in touch if you are interested.

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