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Dr Richard Ion

Formerly at Lancaster University


PC Support:

Along with John Windsor I provide hardware and software support for the Department's IT equipment.
I specify, arrange purchase and commission hardware and software for teaching, research and administrative use throughout the Department, installing appropriate software for networking and office / research applications.

Departmental representative in the Faculty of Science and Technology IT Committee.

System Administrator:

I am the System Administrator for Condensed Matter Theoretical Physics and support UNIX workstations throughout the department. Currently these comprise Sun SPARCs running Solaris and PCs running Linux.

Department World Wide Web Representative and Webmaster:

Complaints, comments and congratulations are all welcome!

Teaching Duties:

Head of Class for one of the first year laboratories. Assisted by a graduate student, I run one of the laboratory sessions for first year students.

Teaching Laboratories:

I have responsibility for the first year undergraduate laboratories. This entails setting up and maintaining the laboratories for the first year Physics undergraduates; aiding other staff with design of new experiments and implementing these designs.
I also run the undergraduate PC laboratory which houses MS Windows PCs and printers.

Environmental Champion:

Together with Laura Kormos I help raise awareness in the Department of environmental issues such as power saving and waste recycling.

Other Interests and Hobbies

Off duty I like to spend most of my time with Shonah out in the Lakes or Dales or on holiday in some far-flung corner of the UK amidst lochs, llyns and lakes, wathcing wildlife, investigating any prehistoric or historic monument.
Photography is my main interest and the keen amongst you can look at one of the links below to see a tiny sample of the sort of image I like to take and create.