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Dr Sabine Junginger

Formerly at Lancaster University

PhD supervision

Proposals that explore general questions of design research and design problems Proposals that inquire into the forms, roles, practices and processes of design in the organization Proposals that look into the links between designing and changing I encourage students interested in any of these areas to talk to me about their idea

Current Teaching

An Introduction to Design and Marketing May 22, GMA Lunch Seminar, Goizueta Business School, Emory University

An Introduction to Design Thinking and Design Methods in the Organization MBA Elective, Lancaster University Management School, June 10, 2008

Design in the Organization Required Course for MA Design: Management and Policy, LICA

Design Management Required Course for MA Design: Management and Policy, LICA

Research Interests

My research looks at when, how and why a human-centered design approachand theories of interaction design benefit the organization. Within this context, I explore the relevance of design thinking and design methods to managerial and organizational problems. My work is based on the idea that every organization is in the business of developing, i.e., designing, products. This leads to questions like: how does the organization go about it? what kinds of products does it develop? for whom? Also, how does the organization make use of the potential for bringing about change in this process? Since design is in its essence the art of change, why is it that so few organizations take advantage of design when they seek internal organizational changes?

Additional Information

Books, Book Chapters, Articles & Conference Proceedings

Junginger, S. 2008. "Product Development as Vehicle for Organizational Change," Design Issues, Special Issue: Organizational Change, 24:1, 26-35.

Junginger, S. with V. Bühlmann. 2008. "Thoughts on Design in the Organization—a Dialogue with Vera Bühlmann," in Pre-Specifics: Some Comparatistic Investigations on Research in Design and Art, V. Bühlmann und M. Wiedmer
 (eds.), JRP Ringier Verlag, Zürich, pp. 114-121
. (The piece also appeared in the German translation of the book als "Design, Produkt, System Wandel," in Komparatistische Beiträge zur Forschung in Design und Kunst; V. Bühlmann und M. Wiedmer
 eds., JRP Ringier Verlag, Zürich, 2008, pp. 122-129
).Cooper R., Junginger, S. and T. Lockwood (under review) Handbook of Design Management (Berg Press, UK).

Junginger, S. 2007. "Learning to Design-Giving Purpose to Heart, Hand, and Mind," Journal of Business Strategy, Special Issue: Design & Business, Vol. 28 No. 4, 2007, 59-65.

Junginger, S. 2007. "Discovering Design in the Organization: Reflecting on Trends in Design & Management," Conference Proceedings International Association of Societies of Design Research: Emerging Trends, Hongkong 2007 (on CD-ROM).

Junginger, S. 2007. "Preparing Design Students for a Different Role Within the Organization," Proceedings for the 9th International Conference on Engineering and Product Design Education: Shaping the Future, Newcastle Upon Tyne, pp. 525-530.

Junginger, S. 2005. "A Different Role for Human-Centered Design within the Organization,"Conference Proceedings of the 6th Annual Conference of the European Academy of Design, Bremen (on CD-ROM).

Junginger, S. 2003. "Organizational Change and Human-Centered Product Development," Conference Proceedings, 9th Australian and New Zealand Systems Conference:Systems in Action, Melbourne, 2003 (on CD-ROM).

Peer-Reviewed Conference Papers

Junginger, S. 2008. "Re-Visiting Corporate Design as a Form of Organization Design," to be presented at the European Group for Organizational Studies 2008 Conference, Amsterdam.

Junginger, S. "Of Drifters, Accommodators, Transformers-and Design," presented at Wonderground, the 2006 conference of the Design Research Society, November 2006.

Junginger, S. "Human-Centered Interaction Design: A Study in Collective Creativity," presented at the Academy of Management pre-conference session on Critical Management Studies, August 2006.

Junginger, S. 2002. "Gender & Design: Exploring Practices, Products and Processes," International Conference on the History of Technology, Granada, Spain, 2002.

Lectures, Talks, Presentations

2008 "An Introduction to Design in the Organization," Goizueta Business School Marketing Association, Emory University, Atlanta.

2008 Opening Lecture at "The Economic Power of Design," Tel Aviv, Israel, organized in collaboration by the Israeli business journal The Marker and the Israeli Design Community.

2007 "Change and Design: A Paradox?" Invited Speaker at the national conference of the Industrial Design Society of America (IDSA) and the International Council for Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID) Conference in San Francisco.Read audience feedback

2007 Invited Discussant for Opening Event of New Sciences of Protection: Designing Safe Living, Lancaster University with Fiona Raby, Royal College of Art, London.

2007 RHEINDESIGN Invited Speaker for the Annual Meeting of the German Society for Design Research and Design (DGTF), Köln, Germany. "About Common Sense, Public Service and Human-centered Design."

2006 "Designing Change, Changing Design," Savannah College of Art and Design, Industrial Design Department, Georgia.

2006 Panel Member of the 2006 Atlanta Chapter Meeting of the Customer Relationship Management Association (CRMA).

2006 "Design and the Organization," Lecture at the 2006 Southern Regional Conference of the Industrial Design Society of America (IDSA), Atlanta, Georgia.

2005 "Designing from the Outside In," Research Colloquium on Design Science, Department of Telecommunications, Information Studies and Media, Michigan State University, Michigan.

2004 Participant and Discussion Recorder for the NSF IOC Conference on Organization Design at the Stern Business School, New York University, June 4, 2004.

2003 "Exploring Gender & Design," Introduction for Document Designers, Carlow University, Pennsylvania.

2002 Organizer and Co-host of two Special Interest Group with Patrick Jordan: "Lifestyle, Trends, and Human Factors" and "Gender & Design, A Holistic Approach" at the 2002 Usability Professionals' Association (UPA), Orlando, Florida.

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