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Dr Sam Kirkham


Sam Kirkham

Lancaster University

County South



Tel: +44 1524 594577

Research overview

I do research in phonetics. I am particularly interested in speech acoustics and articulation, bilingualism, dialect variation, and phonetic fieldwork. Some of my current/recent projects include:

  • Inter-generational transmission & language contact in English-Punjabi bilinguals (with Maya Zara)
  • Regional variation in British English laterals (with Claire Nance)
  • Articulation of tongue root vowel contrasts in Twi-English bilinguals (with Claire Nance) 
  • Intonational variation in north west England (with Claire Nance)
  • The phonetics of Dutch Burger English (with Luke Harding & Claire Nance)

PhD supervision

I am interested in supervising students who wish to carry out research in the following areas: phonetics, sociophonetics, articulatory phonetics, bilingualism, L2 speech, dialect variation, phonetic fieldwork, speech perception, South Asian languages and Englishes. Please note that I am happy to receive applications in second language acquisition, but I will only consider projects in this area that have a well-defined phonetic component and address interesting theoretical questions (e.g. testing models of bilingual or L2 speech learning, such as L2LP, SLM, PAM-L2).

Current Teaching

I teach on the following courses:

  • LING102 English Language
  • LING223 English Phonetics
  • LING327 Advanced English Phonetics
  • LING416 Sociophonetics

In 2016 I was awarded Lancaster University's Undergraduate Teaching Award, which is a university-wide prize based on student nominations and testimonials. I have also been nominated for Best Dissertation Supervisor and Best Student Advisor awards at Lancaster, as well as Postgraduate Tutor of the Year when I was a PhD student at Sheffield.

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