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Dr Samantha Wilkinson

Former Research Student

Samantha Wilkinson

Research overview

My research interests centre on the adaptive nature of memory and the illusions that arise as a result of it being a reconstructive process.  My PhD has a particular emphasis on uncovering the positive consequences of false memory illusions, namely their ability to prime insight-based problem solutions. 

The research that I have carried out thus far has focused upon assessing the influence of various retention intervals and valence on the priming ability of false memories.  Future work intends to examine why false memories, in particular negative false memories, become more useful over time.

Additional Information

Email: s.wilkinson@lancaster.ac.uk

Current Teaching

I was awarded a PhD teaching scholarship by the Faculty of Science and Technology in 2010; as part of this scholarship I have taught the following undergraduate modules:

  • 101 Seminar Tutor: Introduction to Psychology (Year 1)
  • 102 Demonstrator: Statistics/Research Methods (Year 1)
  • 204 Demonstrator: Research Methods (Year 2)
  • 205 Seminar Tutor: Developmental Psychology (Year 2)
  • 214 Seminar Tutor: Statistics (Year 2)


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