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Shalmali Joshi

Research student

Shalmali Joshi

C-8, C- Floor, Fylde College Department of Psychology Lancaster University LA1 4YF

Lancaster University

Fylde College



Tel: 0044 (0) 1524 592947

Research overview

A predisposition to aberrant dissociative experiences (hallucinations/delusions/Out-of-Body) including disorders in self-consciousness and body awareness, is now known to occur in the non-clinical population. As a consequence, there is a growing body of research that studies various facets of neurocognition that underlie the occurance of these anamolous experiences.

My research interest is to explore the emotional neurocognitive biases (i.e. psychological, psychophysiological) that may predispose certain individuals to experience forms of dissociative/hallucinatory episodes. Specifically, I am interested in emotional reactance to viewing aversive and body- threatening situations, and in order to quantify this, I employ objective psychophysiological measures such as Skin Conductance Responses and Face Reader.


University of Birmingham, United Kingdom- MSc. Psychology with Merit

University of Pune, India- B.A. (Hons.) Psychology with Distinction

Current Teaching

I am currently employed as a part- time Graduate Teaching Assistant at Lancaster University:

  • PSYC101: Understanding Psychology (Seminars)
  • English Support for MSc Student in Psychology 
In 2017, I taught
  • PSYC310: The Lying Brain: An Examination of Hallucinations & Delusions in Normal, Clinical and Pathological Populations
  • PSYC401: Analysing and Interpreting Psychological Data

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