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Shanmugapriya Shanmugapriya

Research Associate

Bowland College



Research overview

My research and teaching interests include an interdisciplinary focus in the areas of digital humanities, digital environmental humanities and digital literature. I am particularly interested in building and applying digital tools and technologies for humanities research. Currently the topics (but not limited to) I focus for my research are text mining, geographical text analysis, network analysis and digital culture.  I completed my PhD at Indian Institute of Technology Indore. My doctoral research focused on the impact of technological devices and digital technologies in/on post-independence Indian English literature in terms of narrative, publishing and practice through novel interdisciplinary method of digital humanities. I have combined both qualitative and quantitative methods to examine the techno and digital culture in the narrative of Indian English novels. For quantitative method, I have employed a new method quantitative stepwise analysis to study the corpus of Indian English novels by applying KWIC and topic modelling tools. I also studied how social networking sites have influenced publishing (both established and emerging authors) and praxis of Indian English literature.