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Dr Simon Mabon


Simon Mabon

Lancaster University

County South



Tel: +44 1524 594253

Office Hours:

My office hours are Monday and Thursday 11-12

Research overview

My research interests fall within the International Relations of the  Middle East and are driven by the interaction of three themes: Religion and  Legitimacy; Contested Sovereignty; and Political Violence. I am especially interested in the following areas:

  • Sovereignty in the Middle East
  • Sectarianism
  • Political Islam(s)
  • The post Arab Uprisings Middle East
  • Gulf politics
  • Gulf security
  • State-society relations 

My current research explores the interaction of these themes. My next monograph will explore the fragmentation of state-society relations in the post Arab Uprisings Middle East.


PhD supervision

International Relations of the Middle East, International Relations of the Persian Gulf, International Relations theory, Gulf security, Sovereignty, Irredentism, Political Violence, Islam and the state within International Relations, 'Soft power' in the Middle East, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, The 'soft power' of sport

Current Teaching

Current Teaching:

I am the Part 1 Convenor for Politics and International Relations.

Additional Information

Foreign Policy Centre Briefings:


The Moral and the Strategic-The UK’s Response to the Syrian Crisis Available at:  http://fpc.org.uk/fsblob/1697.pdf

 Preventing Violence Against Women: The Case of Iraq Available at: http://fpc.org.uk/fsblob/1703.pdf (Co-authored with Ludovica di Giorgi)

Daesh, Geopolitics and the Resurgence of Pan Arabism? Available at: http://fpc.org.uk/fsblob/1691.pdf (Co-authored with Lucia Ardovini)

IS, Regional Security and the End of Sykes-Picot?, Available at: http://fpc.org.uk/fsblob/1651.pdf  (Co-authored with Dr Stephen Royle).

Constructing Sectarianisms, Available at: http://fpc.org.uk/fsblob/1614.pdf

The Middle Eastern ‘Great Game’, Available at: http://fpc.org.uk/articles/615

A 'New Hope' as the 'Empire Strikes Back'- British Soft Power in 2013, Available at:http://fpc.org.uk/articles/588

Bahrain – between Geopolitical and Humanitarian Concerns, Available at: http://fpc.org.uk/articles/565

Saudi Arabia, 'New Media' and UK Relations with the Kingdom, Available at: http://fpc.org.uk/articles/560


I have discussed international affairs and Middle Eastern politics with BBC News, BBC World, CNN, Al Jazeera CNBC, Sky News, ABC Australia, TRT Turkey, France24, Russia Today and Deutsche Welle, Al Jazeer,a BBC 5 live, LBC, BBC local affiliates, Radio Luxembourg, ABC Australia, CBC Canada, KFPA - California, and Newstalk ZB, New Zealand. 


I am Director of the Richardson Institute.


I am also on Twitter: @drmabon


Other Interests and Hobbies

I am an avid snowboarder, Arsenal and general sports fan and a musician.

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