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Dr Steven Marple

Senior Research Associate

Steven Marple


Tel: +44 1524 510410

Research Interests

  • The modelling of dusty plasmas, including lunar and asteroid environments.
  • Application of technology for scientific research. I have designed an inexpensive battery-powered magnetometer for auroral alerts and citizen science. This magnetometer is being used for AuroraWatch UK.
  • Application of computing for scientific research. I have written a multi-instrument analysis package for Matlab to process data from riometers, magnetometers and all-sky imagers. Using object-oriented programming techniques the same tools can be applied to data from instruments of different types. This software is in use at Lancaster University, the Polar Research Institute of China and the Indian Institute of Geomagnetism.


Career Details

January - May 2007: I was seconded by the Department of Physics at the University of Calgary to produce a GAIA (Global Auroral Imaging Access). GAIA is a virtual observatory which provides quick access to summary data from satellite and ground-based instruments that remotely sense auroral precipitation, including riometers, all-sky imagers (ASIs), meridian scanning photometers (MSPs), and satellite-based global imagers.

Ocotober 2011 - December 2012: I worked part-time at HW Communications on a mobile positioning system for asset tracking. This work included Java server-side programming, Android App development and firmware development in C for Atmel microcontrollers.


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