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Professor Steven Young


Steven Young

Lancaster University

The Management School



Tel: +44 1524 594242

Research Interests

My research is currently concentrated in the following three areas:

A.  The motives and consequences of share repurchases

  • The objective of this stream of research is to understand why firms repurchase their shares and the impact that such decisions have on shareholder wealth.  The analysis focuses on exploring the impact of surplus cash, executive compensation plan design, and changes in corporate tax rates.
  • The research method involves analysing share repurchases using cross-sectional and panel data techniques to model both daily and aggregate 12-month repurchase data.

B.  The association between corporate governance and firm performance

  • The objective of this research is to explore how governance arrangements affect the quality of corporate decision-making. In particular, this stream of research examines the extent to which good governance leads to decisions that increase shareholder wealth.
  • The research method involves modelling the dynamic relation between firm performance and governance characteristics. The issue is also examined by analysing the association between investment decisions and governance arrangements.

C.  Reporting firm performance

  • The objective of this stream of research is to empirically explore how different approaches to measuring and presenting earnings data are associated with firm valuation and periodic performance measurement.
  • The research method uses a range of valuation models to empirically explore the links between alternative earnings numbers and both firm value and changes therein.


BA University of Wales, PhD Lancaster

Professional Role


Head of Department

Research Grants

"Analysing Narrative Aspects of UK Preliminary Earnings Announcements and Annual Reports: Tools and Insights for Researchers and Regulators",  £419,282.90: ESRC (ES/R003904/1) and £63k Financial Reporting Council, projected start date 01/01/2018

"PLSA Workforce Reporting Toolkit: Impact Assessment", £4k Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA) 2017, completed (with Paul Rayson)

"Understanding the Influences of Financial Reporting, Corporate Disclosures and Financial Media on the Corporate Financial Information Environment" (ES/J012394/1), £382K Economic and Social Research Council and Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales 2012, ongoing, Co-I (M. Walker and P. Rayson)

“Cross-Border Information Transfers and Accounting Quality”, £42,948 Centre for Business Performance at the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales 2007, completed (with P. Pope)

“Reporting Financial Performance under Financial Reporting Standard No.3: Understanding the Earnings Reporting Practices of UK Firms and their interactions with Analysts’ Earnings Forecasts”, £107,699 Centre for Business Performance at the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales 2001, completed (with M. Walker & S. Lin)

“Understanding Share Buybacks: Payout flexibility, Executive Pay and Taxes”, £50,661 Leverhulme Trust 2004 (Ref. F/00 185/I), completed

"More Repurchases in the UK: Motives and Shareholder Wealth Effects", £17.693 Economic and Social Research Council (Ref R000223516), completed (with D. Oswald)

"European Union Research Network Project", Total value of award: 1.3 million Euro's: Lancaster University’s share of the award £95,000, The European Commission 1999, completed (project co-ordinator S. J. McLeay)

"The Composition, Structure, and Role of the Board of Directors: A Comparison of UK and US Firms", £3,000 Lancaster University Small Grant Scheme 2000, completed

"Board Effectiveness and Accounting Quality: Evidence from the Financial Reporting Review Panel" £5,000 The Nuffield Foundation 1998, completed (with K.V. Peasnell & P.F. Pope)
Economic and Social Research Council Management Research Fellowship (Ref. H53627500497). £77,891 ESRC 1997, completed

"The Composition and Structure of Corporate Boards: Implications for Firm Performance", £30,245 The Leverhulme Trust 1997, completed (with K.V. Peasnell & P.F. Pope)

Current Teaching

Postgraduate: AcF 651 Advanced Research Methods, AcF 862 PhD Accounting Seminar: Empirical Methods

External Roles

Associate Editor, Journal of Business Finance and Accounting
Editorial Board Member, Accounting, Organisations and Society and Accounting and Business Research

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