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Tass Sharkawi

Research student

Tass Sharkawi

Lancaster University

Bowland North



Research overview

My research is mainly situated within social movement studies and critical citizenship research tradition. I also draw on approaches from forced migration and refugee studies. 

My doctoral research looks at the shifting meanings and experiences of citizenship of young Syrian refugees and asylum seekers in Europe through their engagement with contentious politics. The study is a multi-sited ethnographic account of the experiences of young Syrian forced migrants as they engage in self-organized extra-territorial activism against the Syrian state after they have resettled in Europe. The research problem focuses on various aspects of their experiences of organizing and mobilizing, exploring how their political subjectivities are produced and transformed, and the ways their activism engages with political bodies, state and non-state actors and the public sphere of their host communities.

I am also interested in the topics of student movements, scholar activism, and academic freedom in higher education, particularly in politically repressive settings. I completed my doctoral coursework in the departments of Educational Research and Linguistics.


Professional Role



Previous role: 

Student Activism Programme Coordinator

Lancaster University Students' Union

Lancaster University

Academic Coordinator (EAP/Study Start)  2013/2014-2016/2017

Summer Programmes – Department of Linguistics and English Language

Lancaster University


Research Grants

- Civil Society Scholar Award 2014/2015 (fieldwork research grant)

- Civil Society Scholar Award 2016/2017 (fieldwork research grant)

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