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Tristan Doyle

Research student

Tristan Doyle

Lancaster University

B06a, Physics Building



My Role

I am a PhD student working on the T2K and Hyper-K experiments under the supervision of Dr Helen O'Keeffe.

Thesis Title

Constraining systematic uncertainties in the T2K neutrino oscillation analysis using samples from the off-axis near detector

Thesis Outline

Charged-current (CC) neutrino interactions are of particular importance to the T2K experiment and its oscillation analyses. The expected number of CC interactions at the far detector in the case of no oscillations can be predicted using information from the near detectors. Charged-current samples at the T2K off-axis near detector (ND280) are split into three categories depending on how many pions are present in the final state. The three categories are CC0pi, CC1pi and CCother which refer to events with 0, 1 positive and more than 1 pions respectively. The “CCother” sample contains all CC samples with a final-state pi0. Therefore, a subset of the CCother sample will contain photons, primarily from pi0 decays. My work will develop a new selection to divide the CCother selection into “CCother with photon” and “CCother without photon”. Results from the selection will be implemented into the T2K oscillation analysis framework and thus used to improve the systematic uncertainty associated with such events. Knowledge of CC interactions with a gamma in the final state is especially important for the joint NOvA-T2K analysis which will begin in the timeframe of my PhD. This project will therefore develop a new set of samples using data from the near detector and incorporate them into the oscillation analysis for the experiment.

Current Teaching

In the 2018-19 academic year I am one of the PGTAs for each of the following modules:

  • PHYS311 - Particle Physics
  • PHYS113 - Series & Differential Equations
  • PHYS104 - Thermal Properties of Matter
  • PHYS232NP - Nuclei & Particles

Contact me

Email: t.doyle@lancaster.ac.uk


Office: B06a, Physics Department

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