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Dr Valon Llabjani


Research Interests

I work within the inter-disciplinary field of toxicology, cancer biology, analytical chemistry and biophysics.  My main area of research involved the application and development of novel spectroscopic imaging approaches to derive biomarkers of effect in cells following chemical exposure, detect molecular alterations in disease, and to develop novel methods of growing 3D cell cultures to simulate in-vivo biological systems. 

Main applications include identification of cancer associated biomarkers in histological samples,  detection of chemical contaminants in biota, toxicity testing of chemical pollutants and nanoparticles on cells and polymer interactions with nanoparticles. For instance, I have been using ATR-FTIR, FTIR, Raman spectroscopy, GC-MS and IC-PMS,  coupled with statistical analysis to identity polymer structures suitable form chemical diffusion as well as the manipulations of different polymers to support growth of biological cells.

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