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Mx Victoria Neumann

Research student

Victoria Neumann

Lancaster University




Research overview

I joined the School of Computing and Communications not so recently (October 2017)  to start a PhD researching consent in health data infrastructures and ubiquitous computing. While I now work in Human-Computer-Interaction (HCI), my background is in Science and Technology Studies (MA, Vienna University) as well as Political Science and Cultural Anthropology (BA, Frankfurt). So far goes the formal description of me and my research. However, I am often dragged into projects that I just can't say no to.

Broadly speaking, I’m very much interested in Feminist Technoscience, Privacy and IoTs, AI and Governance, Biotech and Ethics, and Cybernetics.

Additional Information

I'm also part of the SocialTech project that works on creating inclusive, accessible environments that welcome everyone.

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