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Professor Vivien Hodgson


Vivien Hodgson


Tel: +44 1524 510920

PhD supervision

Projects that examine networked learning and the impact technology has had for open and participative approaches to critical management education and learning
Also interested in supervising projects that examine:
-The impact of social media on approaches and design of management education and learning
- The inter-relationship between different international pedagogical approaches and thinking in a globalised and networked learning world
-Design construction and understanding learners experience of learning spaces and of learners identities

Current Teaching

Postgraduate: CoDirector  MSc Leadership Practice and Responsibility (part -time)


Research Grants

2003 - 2006 A DfES/Centre for Excellence in Leadership funded project to carry out research on the theory and practice of networked management learning for educational leaders.

2003 - 2006 Programme @lis: Alliance for the Information Society - an EU funded grant to the European Latin Americana Consortium (ELAC) project. This is with partners from Denmark, Spain and Latin America. The overall objective is to demonstrate and evaluate IST-based approaches that enable innovative and multilingual continuing professional education and learning in the field of Environmental Planning and Management within and between Latin American universities.

2004-2006 ENSeL (Engaging Networks for Sustainable E learning), European Commission funded E-Learning Programme project The aim of ENSEL is to disseminate e-learning principles within a network of SMEs (Small and Medium Size Enterprises). Lancaster and ‘EQUEL’ are partners in the project.

2002-2004 EQUEL (E-quality in e-learning) an CEC e-learning initiative project to develop a virtual centre for research and innovation in e-learning for higher education. The project involves 14 EUopean partners and focuses on 7 main themes/topics relevant to research and development of networked e-learning at the European level.

2000 – 2002 Click and Go, a JISC/DNER funded project with a consortium of Universities within Manchester which includes UMIST,.MMU and MU. Lancaster is the pedagogical and evaluation partner for examining the work on video streaming within 3 project case studies. 

2000 –2002 Understanding the implications of Networked Learning for Higher Education, ESRC research seminar series with partners from Coventry, Glasgow and Sheffield Universities.

1999 –2001 Students Experience of Networked Learning; grant from the Joint Information and Systems Committee, HEFC to conduct field studies of the learners experience of Networked learning and to establish a National Advisory and Information Service On Networked Learning. Principle investigators Peter Goodyear and Christine Steeples from Educational Research plus myself.

Current Research

Together with other colleagues I organised the  international series of Networked Learning conferences from 2000 - 2012.  Further information plus full proceedings from previous conferences are available at; http://www.networkedlearningconference.org.uk.  David McConnell and I now edit the Research in Netwroked Learning Springer book series. The first book was  published in 2012 Exploring the Theory, Pedagogy and Practice of Networked Learning, and was selected papers from the 2010 conference, held in Aalborg.This was  the first in the  book series on Networked Learning  edited by myself and David McConnell and published by Springer, New York.

As part of my interest in Networked Learning I developed, with Judi Marshall and other colleagues, a Leadership for Sustainability Learning Network (LSLN) - with the support of Higher Education Innovation Funding. The LSLN is intended to initially support the members of a Leading on Sustainability programme that we are running in partnership with Business in the Community North West as well as others seeking to take Leadership for Sustainability. See http://www.lancaster.ac.uk/lums/dmll/leadership-for-sustainability/lsln/ for more information on the LSLN.

I continue to be involved in several networked learning research networks, including from the completed 'EQUEL' project (E-quality in e-learning) which was a consortium of 14 European partners to establish a virtual centre of excellence for research and innovation for e-learning for Higher Education. http://equel.net

Recent projects include the ELAC project with countries from Latin America and Europe, which was created with the objective of using Information-Society-Technologies (IST) to enhance continued education in environmental management and planning in Latin America. See: http://www.elacvirtual.net/ for full details.

Other projects in recent years include a DfES/ Centre for Excellence in Leadership funded project to carry out research on the theory and practice of networked management learning for educational leaders and a CEC e-learning programme project, ENSel (engaging networks for sustainable e-learning) which aimed to disseminate e-learning principles within a network of SMEs (small and medium size enterprises)..

From 1999-2001 I co-ordinated with colleagues from Sheffield, Coventry and Glasgow, an ESRC seminar series on Understanding the Implications of Networked Learning for Higher Education. During the series we developed and launched a Networked e-learning manifesto for discussion. This is available at; http://csalt.lancs.ac.uk/esrc/

Research Interests

I have carried out research on students' experiences of learning in higher education since the 70s. Since the 80s I have been particularly concerned with exploring the various initiatives that have taken place in management education with respect to more ‘open’ approaches to management education and learning.

My current interests are in understanding how theoretical debates that exist around notions of critical management learning and constructionist approaches to learning together with changes and advances in information and communications technology impact on the nature and experience of management learning. In particular, I am interested in exploring ideas about the way experience of relational dialogue with others and with online resources impacts on the learning process and what we learn about ourselves and how we view knowledge and our position in the world


BSc Birmingham, PhD Surrey

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