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Affecting citizenship: the citizenship naturalisation process in Britain

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Following on from Multicultural Horizons, my current research focuses on the British naturalisation process as a site of 'citizenship-in-the-making'. The distinctive character of this study is its focus on the experiences of applicants and non-applicants (ESOL teachers/providers; Council registrars; ceremony officials; etc). The study draws on original ethnographic material to explore the making of citizenship: it traces the work, processes, documentation, artefacts, storing, educational and other practices involved in 'making citizens', while it also attends to the 'lived experience' of naturalisation from the perspective of a range of subject positions. In short, the study approaches naturalisation through material, cognitive (learnt), performative, and affective practices. The research is funded by the British Academy (Small Grants).


This project is funded by the British Academy (small grants)