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“Christian-Muslim Encounters in Lancashire”

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Lancashire, a traditionally Christian county is becoming increasingly multi-cultural and multi-faith in its population. Particularly the presence of Muslim community is growing. In this background there has been growing tensions between Christian and Muslim communities. Far right activism is becoming increasingly anti-Muslim whilst distorting Christianity and anti-Christian rhetoric by some extremist Muslims furthers the fear of the perceived “other”. Moreover ‘Dawah’ and ‘Evangelism’ often causes an increase in polemical discourse. Christian-Muslim dialogue is frowned upon by many interfaith activists as they deem it to be insincere and exclude other faiths. In this context the importance of Christian-Muslim dialogue (non-academic) which will lead towards better relations at community level is identified by various religious organisations in Lancashire particularly, the diocese of Blackburn (Church of England) and Global Village (a Muslim community organisation). The proposed project will bring together non mainstream academics, researchers, community leaders and activists in Lancashire to share in learning and training in view of developing a foundational programme for both communities, which promotes better Christian-Muslim understanding, relations and dialogue. The key collaborators in this research project will be Ali Amla Mohammad (Global Village) and Andrew Pratt (Bishop’s Interfaith Advisor, Diocese of Blackburn, Church of England). This proposed research project primarily focuses on ‘Knowledge Exchange to and with non academic audiences’, as well as establishing a vital link with the local community and developing a new network with community based organisations.