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Islington Integrated Refugee Strategy Evaluation Project

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The project is an external independent evaluation the Islington Refugee Integration strategy. It provides a framework for how the evaluation of IRIS is undertaken.The key evaluation objectives have the following characteristics:

• the provision of formative independent evidence of the overall effectiveness of the strategy to the community and principally IRIS and the RSPB and its partners
• an account and an on-going analysis of the experience of the strategy from the perspective of all the key stakeholders
• a design which will be responsive and flexible enough to capture unintended outcomes and unanticipated effects
• the development of criteria and 'effect' indicators which will be of use in the planning and management of the strategy at national and institutional levels
• the provision of an overall summary of progress of the strategy, highlighting strengths, weaknesses and areas of development for use at the various review moments within the next two years.