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Materialities of Animals and Farming

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Farming is a practical activity, messy and material. It involves interactions between people, technologies, animals, and natural forces. I'm working on the heterogeneities of those interactions; how animals, devices and people interact with one another. Within this general interest I'm currently attending to veterinary care, animal agency and multiplicity, and flows of feedstuffs

This line of work is itself heterogeneous. But at root I bring to it a fascination with the practices that produce similarities and differences in the span between nature and culture. The methods I use in thinking about this come expecially from STS (Science, Technology and Society) and are material-semiotic in character: this is a sensibility informed by actor-network theory and feminist technscience studies.

If I want to use long words I would say that those similarities and differences in the place between nature and culture are part ontic (they have to do with what there is in the world), part epistemic (having to do with knowledges), and in part they have to do with the good (which might be a matter of politics, or ethics).

But the practice uses shorter words and works through empirical case studies of British farming, and British farming networks.

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