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Piloting a novel observational technique for the design of a pharmacy intervention in paediatric wards

Project: Non-funded ProjectResearch


  • Jose Manuel Serrano Santos (Principal Investigator)
  • Dr Steven Watson (Researcher)
  • Suzanne Williams (Co-investigator)
  • David Kavanagh (Co-investigator)
  • Adrienne Hudson (Co-investigator)

The administration of oral medication to children is a challenging process for nurses and parents of sick children whilst in hospital and at home. The child is often unaware of the purpose of the medication and is reluctant to take unpleasant­ tasting tablets and syrups. This issue is in addition to all the well­ recognised challenges faced by nurses when administering medication. The aim of this study is to pilot a novel observational technique to identify errors and patient challenges in the administration of oral medication to paediatric patients by nurses. The participants will be nurses administering medication to children in hospital. This study quantitative data collection methods in the application of a structured observational technique in which nurses’ practices and patients’ reactions are explored. The outcomes of this study will underpin the design of a larger study where novel recommendations on the administration of medication will be tested.

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