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MEMORIS : a wide angle camera for the BepiColombo mission.

Research output: Contribution to journalJournal article


  • G. Cremonese
  • M. T. Capria
  • V. Achilli
  • F. Angrilli
  • P. Baggio
  • C. Barbieri
  • J. Baumgardner
  • N. Bistacchi
  • F. Capaccioni
  • A. Caporali
  • I. Casanova
  • S. De Bei
  • G. Forlani
  • S. Fornasier
  • D. Hunten
  • W. H. Ip
  • M. Lazzarin
  • I. Longhi
  • L. Marinangeli
  • F. Marzar
  • al. et
Journal publication date2004
JournalAdvances in Space Research
Number of pages7
Original languageEnglish


MEMORIS (MErcury Moderate Resolution Imaging System) is a wide angle camera (WAC) concept for the ESA mission BepiColombo. The main scientific objectives consist of observing the whole surface of Mercury in the spectral range of 400–1000 nm, with a spatial resolution of 50 m per pixel at peri-Herm (400 km) and 190 m at apo-Herm (1500 km). It will obtain a map of Mercury in stereo mode allowing the determination of a digital elevation model with a panchromatic filter through two different channels. The camera will also perform multispectral imaging of the surface with a set of 8–12 different broad band filters. A third channel dedicated to limb observations will provide images of the atmosphere. MEMORIS will thus monitor the surface and the atmosphere during the entire mission, providing a unique opportunity to study the relationship between surface regions and the atmosphere, as suggested by ground-based observations and theory.