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Are "lad" cultures a problem in higher education

Project: Research


Aims: to explore the ‘lad cultures’ in higher education (H.E.) from the perspectives of a variety of staff across six universities.


1) To explore and analyse if and how lad culture is manifest in different H.E. contexts (we will explore differences within and between universities);
2) To explore and analyse if, how, and for whom the manifestations are problematic;
3) To investigate what, if anything, universities are doing to tackle lad cultures;
4) To consider whether universities could and should do more to tackle lad cultures, and how they might do this.

Drawing on the perspectives of staff at six universities, the research will address the following research questions:

1. In what ways are lad cultures manifest in different higher education contexts?
2. Are these manifestations problematic and, if so, how?
3. Are universities working to tackle lad cultures and, if so, how?
4. Does more need to be done to tackle lad cultures in H.E and, if so, what?
Effective start/end date1/01/1431/12/14


  • Society for Research into Higher Education: £9,033.00