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Autonomous Object Detection and Tracking

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An EPSRC and Thales-UK Industrial CASE studentship

Layperson's description

The aim is for this studentship to address both basic theoretical and application research questions relevant to the real-time processing and following broadcasting the sensor data from the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Basic questions include those of development of novel real-time computationally efficient methods aiming to autonomously comprehend the prodigious amounts of data that can be generated and thus to overcome the bandwidth constraint in the exploitation of next generation sensor performance. Application research will centre on developing new algorithms, software implementation serving the experimental elements of the project for real-time data stream processing for object detection and tracking by UAV. The studentship thus offers the opportunity to participate in the development of new theoretical and application advances of research methodology and development of related algorithms and software as well as to be closely related and provide this to the industrial sponsor.
Effective start/end date1/01/1330/06/16

Research outputs