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Birth and Philosophy

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I will complete a monograph, Birth and Philosophy, and at least two associated journal articles. The monograph will provide the first systematic philosophical account of how the fact of our being born shapes our condition as human beings. The monograph takes up the existentialist project of inquiring into the structure of meaningful human existence, but unlike other existentialists I explore natality, i.e. human existence as it is shaped by our being born. Philosophers have generally ignored natality or failed to conceptualize it in its own right, although recent work in feminist philosophy has begun to rectify this. Taking natality into account transforms our view of human existence, shedding new light on our mortality, foregrounding our dependency on one another, and bringing additional phenomena – such as our relatedness to others and the temporal shape of human life – together in a new way. Thus, the book Birth and Philosophy and the related outputs will offer a new perspective on human existence that bears on many debates in feminist and continental philosophy and around death and the meaning of life.
AcronymBirth and Philosophy
Effective start/end date1/10/1730/09/19

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