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Development and characterisation of novel structural composites from recycled materials

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A PhD programme of research to evaluate the feasibility of using waste carpets as feed-stocks for manufacture into structural composites for landscaping and agricultural (low strength) fencing applications, thereby diverting carpet waste volumes from either landfill or energy from waste. The project was funded under the EU-CGE project grant and was in collaboration with a NW based recycling specialist. Project outputs included review of different manufacturing processes and a review paper on recycled carpets for structural applications, physical (laboratory) and computational (FEA) modelling of candidate and prototype fencing structures, and a series of mechanical property evaluations of novel composite materials produced during the project. The project demonstrated that the potential exists for the sustainable recycling of a problem waste (carpet) through incorporation into a novel composite material having application (and a market) as a structural wood/polymer substitute material in fencing applications.

Layperson's description

Research to evaluate waste carpets as a feed-stock for manufacture into a composite wood-substitute material for fencing applications, thereby reducing wastes going to landfill.
Short titleNovel structural composites from recycled carpets
Effective start/end date1/10/1230/09/16

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