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isITethical? Exchange: Responsible Research for ICT Innovation in Disaster Risk Management

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The IsITethical? Exchange is a European knowledge and service hub for digital ethics as a driver for high quality responsible innovation in public protection and disaster response. It supports creative and pro-active balancing of the benefits of ICT innovation with fundamental human rights and values for effective technical and organizational innovation. This includes data protection, collaborative information management, data-rich reasoning. www.isITethical.eu

Key findings

Digital ethics ethics can be a driver for high quality innovation.

Reflective questioning and creative methodologies for ethics through design are more productive than 'guidelines'.

The isITethical? Exchange provides an open knowledge base of existing, emergent, and future ethical tensions in IT research and innovation with a focus on the use of common information spaces in crisis and disaster risk management.

Short titleisITethical?
Effective start/end date2/01/1831/07/18

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