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Knowledge Policy and Practice for Sustainable Nutrient and Water Resources Protection in UK and Chinese Agro-Ecosystems

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This research project examines the cycling of the nutrient elements nitrogen and phosphorus in agricultural systems within China and the UK. The research at Lancaster will develop and apply a new framework to quantify the stocks and the fluxes of nutrients within cereal, livestock and fruit/vegetable production systems. These nutrient footprints will provide the basis for identifying future policy and practice to promote sustainable nutrient management in the face of changing demands on agricultural production. As one of the world’s largest producers and consumers of finite inorganic phosphorus fertiliser, the management of nutrients in China has potential implications for agricultural production globally. The project is part of the Sustainable Agriculture Innovation Network (http://www.sainonline.org/english.html), a collaboration between the UK and China to develop and exchange innovative approaches related to the use of nutrients in agriculture. The 3-year project began in March 2013 and involves collaboration with colleagues at SOAS and BGS in the UK. A network of collaborators from China is also involved, drawn from across the Ministry of Agriculture, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Agricultural University, Chinese Academy of Agriculture Sciences and Northwest A&F University.
Effective start/end date1/02/1331/03/16


  • DEFRA: £204,760.00

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