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Art/Science collaboration exploring the mobilities of the Leishmania parasite.

Layperson's description

Para-site-seeing is an online digital art-science project. It was conceived as a way to think about the perspectives of non-human life; in this case a single celled organism called Leishmania, the cause of a medically important set of diseases named leishmaniasis. The Wellcome Centre for Anti-Infectives Research at Dundee University together with NEoN were the instigators for this project funded by Wellcome Trust, they commissioned Rod Dillon and Jen Southern to produce a digital artwork about leishmaniasis.

The website is based on the idea of travel blogging. Each of the eight narratives is written as if it is a different form of travel writing, a blog, You Tube, Instagram or Twitter account. Rod Dillon and Jen Southern worked with scientists, writers, artists, students and imaging experts to try to imagine the world from the perspective of a microscopic parasite. Many of the images, texts and even the title were developed through this collaborative process.
Short titlePara-site-seeing
Effective start/end date1/08/1831/08/19


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