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Poetics of Resistance

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"Poetics of Resistance" (PoR) is a network of researchers, activists and cultural producers from Europe, Latin America, and the U.S. Network members are committed to a counter-hegemonic research project into resistance to neoliberal politics, practices and ideology in the areas of cultural production, knowledge production, and higher education. We aim at reclaiming concepts and spaces through working with language, image, and their impact on the imagination.

The relationship between creativity and resistance lies at the heart of the network's concerns: a practice of resistance that draws upon the resolve and contribution of the individual to the same degree to which it emphasizes the importance of collective reflection and action. The relationship between creativity and resistance therefore cannot be reduced to the manifestation of or commitment to particular ideologies as expressed in art. Rather, "the poetics of resistance" are produced through the negotiation of the subjective and the collective, of reflection and action, and of practices and ideologies. Members of the network have organized two meetings (Leeds March 2008, Santiago de Compostela 2009) and maintain a blog at https://wordpress.poeticsofresistance.com
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