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PROMOTE : Process Analysis, observations and modelling - Integrated Solutions for Cleaner Air in Dehli

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This project forms part of the Newton Fund programme on Air Pollution and Human Health in Delhi, and involves collaboration with colleagues at the Universities of Hertfordshire, Manchester, Cambridge and Leeds along with the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, National Atmospheric Research Laboratory and integrated Research and Action for Development (IRADe) in Delhi. The project will apply high-resolution air quality models to investigate the formation of air pollution in Delhi and explore the relationships between emission controls and air pollution concentrations. This will allow us to identify the most effective approaches to mitigation of air pollution over Delhi and surrounding regions.
AcronymPROMOTE : Process Analysis, observations and modelling - Integr
Effective start/end date14/11/1631/03/22


  • NERC: £186,232.19


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