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Telling Tales of Engagement: The Wray Broadband Project

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This project seeks to tell the story of the Wray Broadband project in a fairly unusual fashion: through the construction of a digitally enhanced 'scarecrow' to take part in the annual village scarecrow festival in May 2013. In addition, a 'virtual festival' application is being developed showcasing scarecrows designed by local children. The application will award users points for visiting the locations around the village and tagging (or 'catching') the virtual scarecrows. All the scarecrow designs and the application development will form part of the eventual documentary.

After the festival we anticipate the scarecrow going on tour at museums and galleries and, in this fashion, together with other artefacts and applications, telling the tale of the Wray Broadband project.
AcronymTelling Tales of Engagement: The Wray Broadband Project
Effective start/end date1/06/1230/11/13




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