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The century of genocide

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This is a web project funded by the Lancaster University Alumni Fund. The purpose of the project is to showcase the work of students who took the course 'Genocide in 20th-century Europe' (Department of European Languages and Cultures, EURO318) and completed a special creative assignment during the academic years 2005-2007. Once ready, the website will be open and accessible as a web resource on genocide. It will also be updated with the work of future students. The project is currently nearing completion, with the material about to be uploaded. The launch date will be January 2008. For a preview of the site follow the link at the bottom of the page.

Every academic year the course run a special theme:
2005-06: 'genocide victims and testimonies'
2006-07: 'perpetrators of genocidal violence'
2007-08:'representation and commemoration of genocide'
2008-09: 'massacres as acts of genocide'
Effective start/end date1/09/0631/12/07