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Carliss Y Baldwin

Activity: Hosting a visitor typesHosting an academic visitor


Visit by Carliss Y Baldwin, Harvard Business School

Co-organiser (some with Luciana D’Adderio, University of Edinburgh) of events given by Carliss Baldwin, Harvard Business School, AIM Visiting International Fellow: Workshop: Curiosity Killed the Cat: A Survivors' Guide, or, How to make interdisciplinary research work for you, Lancaster University Management School, 7th September 2010 Lecture: Designs as Selfish Genes: Modularity, Options and Industry Structure, Lancaster University Management School, 8th September 2010 Lecture: Using Architecture to Capture Value: Modules, Platforms and Business Strategy, University of Edinburgh, 9th September 2010 (joint with Luciana D’Adderio) Workshop: Modularity as a Process, University of Edinburgh, 10th September 2010 (joint with Luciana D’Adderio)