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Contribution to PROSPR departmental website

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∗ Site content
Sections and organization.
∗ Site format
I edited the CSS code to adjust the format of the website (menu, colours, logos, fonts, margins, to suit different devices). In collaboration with colleagues, I also edited the initial structure and content of the site.
The CSS I worked with is within the admin area, in 'Appearance' -> 'Additional CSS'. Our version of Wordpress only allows this gateway into the CSS, which may be used to modify and override the default. CSS gives access to pretty much everything style-related. For instance, you can modify a lot about existing text or web links, whereas you cannot actually add new text or links. Much of the use of CSS is about adjusting the appearance for different devices. This can—and often has to—get as specific as viewing on a screen with maximum 500 px of width (i.e., a phone in portrait orientation). Particularly, I got to this in order to adjust the navigation menu to three different screen sizes (desktop, mobile in portrait view, and mobile in landscape view). Another adjustment was done for portrait mobile view, where I removed the footer in order to avoid showing the footer logo and the sidebar logo right next to each other.

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