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Dag Van De Architectuur

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Exploring Utrecht: The Real and The Imaginary

Rebecca Solnit wrote: “In the city, one is alone because the world is made up of strangers, and to be a stranger surrounded by strangers, to walk along silently bearing one’s secrets and imagining those of the people one passes, is among the starkest of luxuries…. ….It is an observer’s state, cool, withdrawn, with senses sharpened, a good state for anybody who needs to reflect or create.” Expodium likes to stroll and awe. As part of our 2017 ongoing research into the imaginations walking provokes, we invite you to a monthly Nightwalk in Utrecht’s Werkspoorkwartier. We’d be more than happy if you join us for an exploration of Werkspoor, the real and the imaginary. This month we have special guest Nick Dunn, author of the important book Dark Matters (Zero Books, 2016) on nightwalks, late capitalist cities and personal freedom. Utrecht University's Urban Futures Studio just launched their report on their "Imagining Urban Futures" conference. Nick Dunn talks on why we all need to imagine our future - and not leave it up to others to do so: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtSM1zt8eMo. Join him, and us, for a Nightwalk Stationsgebied [Dag van de Architectuur] on June 17th.


TitleDag Van De Architectuur
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