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Publications & Outputs

  1. A review of a decade of lessons from one of the world’s largest MPAs: conservation gains and key challenges

    Hays, G. C., Koldewey, H. J., Andrzejaczek, S., Attrill, M. J., Barley, S., Bayley, D. T. I., Benkwitt, C. E., Block, B., Schallert, R. J., Carlisle, A. B., Carr, P., Chapple, T. K., Collins, C., Diaz, C., Dunn, N., Dunbar, R. B., Eager, D. S., Engel, J., Embling, C. B., Esteban, N. & 53 others, Ferretti, F., Foster, N. L., Freeman, R., Gollock, M., Graham, N. A. J., Harris, J. L., Head, C. E. I., Hosegood, P., Howell, K. L., Hussey, N. E., Jacoby, D. M. P., Jones, R., Sannassy Pilly, S., Lange, I. D., Letessier, T. B., Levy, E., Lindhart, M., McDevitt-Irwin, J. M., Meekan, M., Meeuwig, J. J., Micheli, F., Mogg, A. O. M., Mortimer, J. A., Mucciarone, D. A., Nicoll, M. A., Nuno, A., Perry, C. T., Preston, S. G., Rattray, A. J., Robinson, E., Roche, R. C., Schiele, M., Sheehan, E. V., Sheppard, A., Sheppard, C., Smith, A. L., Soule, B., Spalding, M., Stevens, G. M. W., Steyaert, M., Stiffel, S., Taylor, B. M., Tickler, D., Trevail, A. M., Trueba, P., Turner, J., Votier, S., Wilson, B., Williams, G. J., Williamson, B. J., Williamson, M. J., Wood, H. & Curnick, D. J., 14/10/2020, In: Marine Biology. 167, 11, 22 p., 159.

    Research output: Contribution to journalJournal articlepeer-review

  2. Consequences of hatching deviations for breeding success: a long-term study on blue tits Cyanistes caeruleus

    Glądalski, M., Mainwaring, M. C., Bańbura, M., Kaliński, A., Markowski, M., Skwarska, J., Wawrzyniak, J., Bańbura, J. & Hartley, I. R., 1/08/2020, In: The European Zoological Journal. 87, 1, p. 385-394 10 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalJournal articlepeer-review

  3. Experimental test of the communicative value of syllable diversity and syllable switching in the common chiffchaff

    Sierro, J. & Slabbekoorn, H., 1/07/2020, In: Animal Behaviour. 165, p. 11-21 11 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalJournal articlepeer-review

  4. Impacts of environmental and socio-economic factors on emergence and epidemic potential of Ebola in Africa

    Redding, D. W., Atkinson, P. M., Cunningham, A. A., Lo Iacono, G., Moses, L. M., Wood, J. L. N. & Jones, K. E., 15/10/2019, In: Nature Communications. 10, 1, 11 p., 4531.

    Research output: Contribution to journalJournal articlepeer-review

  5. Brazilian sugarcane ethanol as an expandable green alternative to crude oil use

    Jaiswal, D., De Souza, A. P., Larsen, S., Lebauer, D. S., Miguez, F. E., Sparovek, G., Bollero, G., Buckeridge, M. S. & Long, S. P., 23/10/2017, In: Nature Climate Change. 7, 11, p. 788-792 5 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalJournal article