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  1. Lunar Net-a proposal in response to an ESA M3 call in 2010 for a medium sized mission

    Smith, A., Crawford, I. A., Gowen, R. A., Ambrosi, R., Anand, M., Banerdt, B., Bannister, N., Bowles, N., Braithwaite, C., Brown, P., Chela-Flores, J., Cholinser, T., Church, P., Coates, A. J., Colaprete, T., Collins, G., Collinson, G., Cook, T., Elphic, R., Fraser, G., & 41 othersGao, Y., Gibson, E., Glotch, T., Grande, M., Griffiths, A., Grygorczuk, J., Gudipati, M., Hagermann, A., Heldmann, J., Hood, L. L., Jones, A. P., Joy, K. H., Khavroshkin, O. B., Klingelhoefer, G., Knapmeyer, M., Kramer, G., Lawrence, D., Marczewski, W., McKenna-Lawlor, S., Miljkovic, K., Narendranath, S., Palomba, E., Phipps, A., Pike, W. T., Pullan, D., Rask, J., Richard, D. T., Seweryn, K., Sheridan, S., Sims, M., Sweeting, M., Swindle, T., Talboys, D., Taylor, L., Teanby, N., Tong, V., Ulamec, S., Wawrzaszek, R., Wieczorek, M., Wilson, L. & Wright, I., 04/2012, In: Experimental Astronomy. 33, 2-3, p. 587-644 58 p.

    Research output: Contribution to Journal/MagazineJournal articlepeer-review

  2. A solar storm observed from the Sun to Venus using the STEREO, Venus Express, and MESSENGER spacecraft

    Rouillard, A. P., Davies, J. A., Forsyth, R. J., Savani, N. P., Sheeley, N. R., Thernisien, A., Zhang, T. -L., Howard, R. A., Anderson, B., Carr, C. M., Tsang, S., Lockwood, M., Davis, C. J., Harrison, R. A., Bewsher, D., Fraenz, M., Crothers, S. R., Eyles, C. J., Brown, D. S., Whittaker, I., & 6 othersHapgood, M., Coates, A. J., Jones, G. H., Grande, M., Frahm, R. A. & Winningham, J. D., 21/07/2009, In: Journal of Geophysical Research. 114, A7, 16 p., A07106.

    Research output: Contribution to Journal/MagazineJournal articlepeer-review