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Publications & Outputs

  1. Spatial turnover of multiple ecosystem functions is more associated with plant than soil microbial β-diversity

    Jing, X., Prager, C. M., Borer, E. T., Gotelli, N. J., Gruner, D. S., He, J-S., Kirkman, K., MacDougall, A. S., McCulley, R. L., Prober, S. M., Seabloom, E. W., Stevens, C. J., Classen, A. T. & Sanders, N. J., 31/07/2021, In: Ecosphere. 12, 7, 16 p., e03644.

    Research output: Contribution to Journal/MagazineJournal articlepeer-review

  2. Negative effects of nitrogen override positive effects of phosphorus on grassland legumes worldwide

    Tognetti, P. M., Prober, S. M., Báez, S., Chaneton, E. J., Firn, J., Risch, A. C., Schuetz, M., Simonsen, A. K., Yahdjian, L., Borer, E. T., Seabloom, E. W., Arnillas, C. A., Bakker, J. D., Brown, C. S., Cadotte, M. W., Caldeira, M. C., Daleo, P., Dwyer, J. M., Fay, P. A., Gherardi, L. A. & 9 others, Hagenah, N., Hautier, Y., Komatsu, K. J., McCulley, R. L., Price, J. N., Standish, R. J., Stevens, C. J., Wragg, P. D. & Sankaran, M., 13/07/2021, In: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 118, 28, 8 p., e2023718118.

    Research output: Contribution to Journal/MagazineJournal articlepeer-review

  3. Anthropogenic nitrogen deposition predicts local grassland primary production worldwide

    Stevens, C. J., Lind, E. M., Hautier, Y., Harpole, W. S., Borer, E. T., Hobbie, S., Seabloom, E. W., Ladwig, L., Bakker, J. D., Chu, C., Collins, S., Davies, K. F., Firn, J., Hillebrand, H., Pierre, K. J. L., Macdougall, A., Melbourne, B., Mcculley, R. L., Morgan, J., Orrock, J. L. & 4 others, Prober, S. M., Risch, A. C., Schuetz, M. & Wragg, P. D., 1/06/2015, In: Ecology. 96, 6, p. 1459-1465 7 p.

    Research output: Contribution to Journal/MagazineJournal articlepeer-review

  4. Abundance of introduced species at home predicts abundance away in herbaceous communities

    Firn, J., Moore, J. L., MacDougall, A. S., Borer, E. T., Seabloom, E., HilleRisLambers, J., Harpole, W. S., Cleland, E. E., Brown, C. S., Knops, J. M. H., Prober, S., Pyke, D. A., Farrell, K. A., Bakker, J., O’Halloran, L. R., Adler, P. B., Collins, S. L., D’Antonio, C. M., Crawley, M. J., Wolkovich, E. M. & 16 others, La Pierre, K. J., Melbourne, B. A., Hautier, Y., Morgan, J. W., Leakey, A. B. D., Kay, A., McCulley, R., Davies, K., Stevens, C., Chu, C. J., Holl, K. D., Klein, J. A., Fay, P. A., Hagenah, N., Kirkham, K. P. & Buckley, Y., 03/2011, In: Ecology Letters. 14, 3, p. 274-281 8 p.

    Research output: Contribution to Journal/MagazineJournal articlepeer-review