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[ideaconnection] Torso Simulator Tests Back Braces

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Title Torso Simulator Tests Back Braces
Degree of recognitionInternational
Media name/outletidea connection
Media typeWeb
DescriptionA 3D-printed human torso simulator offers a safe and effective way to test back braces before they are worn by humans.

The simulator, hailed as the first of its kind, was developed by a team from from the University of Lancaster with the goal of mimicking the geometry and physical characteristics of a human torso. The device’s life-sized spine and rib cage can fitted with prototype back braces in order to test the braces’ effects on extension, flexing and bending, and the system’s spine can also be altered to simulate the effects of scoliosis. Although the braces would still need to be tested on humans, the torso simulator reduces volunteer discomfort and helps speed development.

Producer/AuthorIdea Connection Ltd
PersonsDavid Cheneler, Allan Rennie, Jane Martindale