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  1. Published

    Searches for supersymmetry with the ATLAS detector using final states with two leptons and missing transverse momentum in root s=7 TeV proton-proton collisions

    The ATLAS collaboration, 19/03/2012, In: Physics Letters B. 709, 3, p. 137-157 21 p.

    Research output: Contribution to Journal/MagazineJournal articlepeer-review

  2. Published

    Selective Excitation of Terahertz Magnetic and Electric Dipoles in Er3+ Ions by Femtosecond Laser Pulses in ErFeO3

    Mikhaylovskiy, R., Huisman, T. J., Pisarev, R. V., Rasing, T. & Kimel, A. V., 6/01/2017, In: Physical review letters. 118, 6 p., 017205.

    Research output: Contribution to Journal/MagazineLetterpeer-review

  3. Published

    Self-consistent numerical evaluation of concrete shielding activation for proton therapy systems: Application to the proton therapy research centre in Charleroi, Belgium

    Ramoisiaux, E., Tesse, R., Hernalsteens, C., Boogert, S. T., Gnacadja, E., Nevay, L. J., Pauly, N., Shields, W., Stichelbaut, F. & Vanwelde, M., 31/08/2022, In: The European Physical Journal Plus. 137, 21 p., 889.

    Research output: Contribution to Journal/MagazineJournal articlepeer-review

  4. Published

    Self-guided wakefield experiments driven by petawatt-class ultrashort laser pulses

    Mangles, S. P. D., Thomas, A. G. R., Bellei, C., Dangor, A. E., Kamperidis, C., Kneip, S., Nagel, S. R., Willingale, L. & Najmudin, Z., 08/2008, In: IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science. 36, 4, p. 1715-1721 7 p.

    Research output: Contribution to Journal/MagazineJournal articlepeer-review

  5. Published

    Self-injection threshold in self-guided laser wakefield accelerators

    Mangles, S. P. D., Genoud, G., Bloom, M. S., Burza, M., Najmudin, Z., Persson, A., Svensson, K., Thomas, A. G. R. & Wahlstrom, C-G., 19/01/2012, In: Physical Review Special Topics: Accelerators and Beams. 15, 6 p., 011302.

    Research output: Contribution to Journal/MagazineJournal articlepeer-review

  6. Published

    Sensitivity of the T2K accelerator-based neutrino experiment with an Extended run to 20×1021 POT

    T2K Collaboration, 27/07/2016, In: arxiv.org.

    Research output: Contribution to Journal/MagazineJournal article

  7. Published

    Shining light through walls: a search for dark photons

    Woollett, N., 2016, Lancaster University. 156 p.

    Research output: ThesisDoctoral Thesis

  8. Published

    Sigma(-)-antihyperon correlations in Z(0) decay and investigation of the baryon production mechanism.

    Abbiendi, G., Ainsley, C., Akesson, P. F., Alexander, G., Anagnostou, G., Anderson, K. J., Asai, S., Axen, D., Bailey, I., Barberio, E., Barillari, T., Barlow, R. J., Batley, R. J., Bechtle, P., Behnke, T., Bell, K. W., Bell, P. J., Bella, G., Bellerive, A., Benelli, G., & 191 othersBethke, S., Biebel, O., Boeriu, O., Bock, P., Boutemeur, M., Braibant, S., Brown, R. M., Burckhart, H. J., Campana, S., Capiluppi, P., Carnegie, R. K., Carter, A. A., Carter, J. R., Chang, C. Y., Charlton, D. G., Ciocca, C., Csilling, A., Cuffiani, M., Dado, S., Dallavalle, M., De Roeck, A., De Wolf, E. A., Desch, K., Dienes, B., Dubbert, J., Duchovni, E., Duckeck, G., Duerdoth, I. P., Etzion, E., Fabbri, F., Ferrari, P., Fiedler, F., Fleck, I., Ford, M., Frey, A., Gagnon, P., Gary, J. W., Geich-Gimbel, C., Giacomelli, G., Giacomelli, P., Giunta, M., Goldberg, J., Gross, E., Grunhaus, J., Gruwe, M., Gupta, A., Hajdu, C., Hamann, M., Hanson, G. G., Harel, A., Hauschild, M., Hawkes, C. M., Hawkings, R., Herten, G., Heuer, R. D., Hill, J. C., Horvath, D., Igo-Kemenes, P., Ishii, K., Jeremie, H., Jovanovic, P., Junk, T. R., Kanzaki, J., Karlen, D., Kawagoe, K., Kawamoto, T., Keeler, R. K., Kellogg, R. G., Kennedy, B. W., Kluth, S., Kobayashi, T., Kobel, M., Komamiya, S., Kraemer, T., Krasznahorkay, A., Krieger, P., vonKrogh, J., Kuhl, T., Kupper, M., Lafferty, G. D., Landsman, H., Lanske, D., Lellouch, D., Letts, J., Levinson, L., Lillich, J., Lloyd, S. L., Loebinger, F. K., Lu, J., Ludwig, A., Ludwig, J., Mader, W., Marcellini, S., Martin, A. J., Mashimo, T., Maettig, P., McKenna, J., McPherson, R. A., Meijers, F., Menges, W., Merritt, F. S., Mes, H., Meyer, N., Michelini, A., Mihara, S., Mikenberg, G., Miller, D. J., Mohr, W., Mori, T., Mutter, A., Nagai, K., Nakamura, I., Nanjo, H., Neal, H. A., O'Neale, S. W., Oh, A., Oreglia, M. J., Orito, S., Pahl, C., Pasztor, G., Pater, J. R., Pilcher, J. E., Pinfold, J., Plane, D. E., Pooth, O., Przybycien, M., Quadt, A., Rabbertz, K., Rembser, C., Renkel, P., Roney, J. M., Rossi, A. M., Rozen, Y., Runge, K., Sachs, K., Saeki, T., Sarkisyan, E. K. G., Schaile, A. D., Schaile, O., Scharff-Hansen, P., Schieck, J., Schoerner-Sadenius, T., Schroeder, M., Schumacher, M., Seuster, R., Shears, T. G., Shen, B. C., Sherwood, P., Skuja, A., Smith, A. M., Sobie, R., Soeldner-Rembold, S., Spano, F., Stahl, A., Strom, D., Stroehmer, R., Tarem, S., Tasevsky, M., Teuscher, R., Thomson, M. A., Torrence, E., Toya, D., Trigger, I., Trocsanyi, Z., Tsur, E., Turner-Watson, M. F., Ueda, I., Ujvari, B., Vollmer, C. F., Vannerem, P., Vertesi, R., Verzocchi, M., Voss, H., Vossebeld, J., Ward, C. P., Ward, D. R., Watkins, P. M., Watson, A. T., Watson, N. K., Wells, P. S., Wengler, T., Wermes, N., Wetterling, D., Wilson, G. W., Wilson, J. A., Wolf, G., Wyatt, T. R., Yamashita, S., Zer-Zion, D., Zivkovic, L. & Collaboration, OPAL., 12/2009, In: European Physical Journal C: Particles and Fields. 64, 4, p. 609-625 17 p.

    Research output: Contribution to Journal/MagazineJournal articlepeer-review

  9. Published

    Simultaneous measurement of forward-backward asymmetry and top polarization in dilepton final states from tt¯ production at the Tevatron

    D0 Collaboration, 22/09/2015, In: Physical Review D. 92, 5, 16 p., 052007.

    Research output: Contribution to Journal/MagazineJournal articlepeer-review

  10. Published

    Simultaneous measurement of the ratio B(t->Wb)/B(t->Wq) and the top quark pair production cross section with the D0 detector at sqrt(s)=1.96 TeV

    collaboration, D., Bertram, I., Borissov, G., Fox, H., Williams, M., Ratoff, P., Love, P., Rakitin, A. & Sopczak, A., 14/05/2008, In: Physical review letters. 100, 19, 7 p., 192003.

    Research output: Contribution to Journal/MagazineJournal articlepeer-review

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