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Centre for Family Business

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BuildingLancaster University Management School
Postal codeLA1 4YX
Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom

Organisation profile

The Centre for Family Business has a reputation for rigorous academic research and extensive experience of applying that research to real-world business issues

The Centre, led by Dr Allan Discua Cruz, exists to develop international research perspectives on family firms, large and small and we are proud to have the largest grouping of family business researchers in the UK.

The importance of Family Business cannot be underestimated as they are the most prevalent form of business organisation globally and contribute significantly to wealth creation throughout the world. In the UK they account for approximately half of the economic activity and private employment. However, family businesses are frequently overlooked in management theory and many find that the existing models and advice do not fit their circumstances.

Here at the Centre for Family Business, we are working with leading scholars and family businesses to provide a centre of excellence, at the forefront of family business research and teaching.  Importantly we offer an invaluable resource for family business owners; policy makers; family business professionals/advisors; managers and researchers.

So our VISION in a nutshell:

  1. To work with leading scholars and family businesses to provide a centre for excellence, at the forefront of family business research and teaching.      

  2. To provide an invaluable international resource for researchers; policy makers; family business owners and family business professionals.

  3. To provide expertise which concentrates on the unique challenges and advantages of family businesses in the short and long-term.


The Centre for Family Business is based in the Department of Entrepreneurship and Strategy (ENST) and builds on ENST and LUMS first-rate track record of developing synergies from research, teaching and close partnerships with businesses. Members of the Centre for Family Business have a wealth of business experience, which provides an excellent grounding on which to build their research.

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