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Management Science

  1. Field measurements of peatland carbon cycling at a wind farm hosting peatland in Scotland, UK

    Armstrong, A. (Creator), Richardson, H. (Creator), Waldron, S. (Creator), Ostle, N. (Creator), Whitaker, J. (Creator), NERC Environmental Information Data Centre, 2015, 10.5285/99416ba1-b670-4a82-8225-9644293fb4de


  2. GRA1

    Zografos, K. (Creator), Lancaster University, 2017, 10.17635/lancaster/researchdata/126


  3. Large-area periodically-poled lithium niobate wafer stacks optimized for high-energy narrowband terahertz generation - Dataset

    Mosley, C. (Creator), Lake, D. (Creator), Graham, D. M. (Creator), Jamison, S. (Creator), Appleby, R. B. (Creator), Burt, G. (Creator), Hibberd, M. T. (Creator), Zenodo, 2022, 10.5281/zenodo.7421730


  4. M3 segmented monthly data

    Fildes, R. (Creator), Lancaster University, 2015, 10.17635/lancaster/researchdata/10


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