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Amelia Susserott

Research student

Amelia Susserott

Lancaster University

Bowland North




I am a first-year PhD Law student conducting research into the extent to which the UK's naturalisation process is designed to fail refugees applying for British citizenship, despite a right to naturalisation existing under international refugee law. My research adopts a Critical Race Theory approach, in order to analyse the role of racism and xenophobia in the creation of the UK's immigration and asylum law governing the naturalisation process.

Thesis Title

A Right to Naturalisation? A Critical Race Critique of the Naturalisation Process for Refugees in the UK

Thesis Outline

My thesis explores potential violations of the right to naturalisation for refugees in the United Kingdom, from a Critical Race Theory approach. This therefore involves critical race analysis of the UK's immigration and asylum law, to expose the law's complicity in upholding racism and xenophobia. Recommendations for reform of the naturalisation process shall me made, with the differences between Westminster's and Holyrood's approach to refugee integration and citizenship explored.

Supervised By

Esin Küçük and James Sweeney

Research overview

My research interests lie in international refugee law, international humanitarian law, and international human rights law. I am also interested in Critical Race Theory and furthering its use within legal analysis in the UK, particularly in relation to immigration and asylum law.


Lancaster University, LLM International Law - Disctinction (2018-2019)

Lancaster University, BA (Hons) Politics - 2.1 (2015-2018)