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Dr Harriet Spearing

Research student


I graduated from Lancaster University with a BSc in Physics with Astrophysics and Cosmology in 2017. This comprised of applied mathematics modules, which were then used to explore the nature of the physical universe around us: from using quantum physics to explore the structure of the very small, to using Einstein’s theory of relativity to model the evolution of the universe as a whole, and using statistical physics to bridge the gap between the two. During my final year, I completed a project which defined the sufficient conditions required for the universe to be flat, open, or closed. My enjoyment in the Applied Mathematics and Statistics courses, as well as an internship doing statistics at AstraZeneca, led me naturally to the STOR-i internship, and then the full STOR-i programme. My PhD is entitled “Ranking Systems in Sport” and is supervised by Jon Tawn from Lancaster University and by Tim Paulden, David Irons, and Grace Bennett from ATASS Sports. The PhD focuses on exploring methods to rank fairly across many sports and disciplines, and to accurately predict outcomes of sporting events.

Listen to a brief introduction of some of my recent work or visit my website for further details.

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