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Hazel Vosper

Research student

Hazel Vosper

Lancaster University

Bowland College



Research overview

Women's history.

Financial history.

Social and cultural history, particularly nineteenth and early twentieth century.


MA in Historical Research from Birkbeck, University of London. Dissertation: “The directors will give their zealous attention to the cultivation of business of a first-class character only”: Overend, Gurney and Co. and the evolving notion of morality within the mid-Victorian commercial sphere.

MBA from Australian National University.

BSc (Econ) - Cardiff University.

Current Research

My Ph.D. research concerns understanding the experience of being a women investor in shares and government securities in the period covering the late nineteenth and early twentieth century in England. The influences on individual women’s investment decisions, the extent to which their gender affected their role as an investor, and how their investment activities were reflected in the wider discourse on women are the key areas to be explored.

Considered together, portfolio reconstructions, personal case studies and analysis of the cultural representation of women as investors offer a potentially rich and lesser known perspective from which to explore the lived experience of women in this period.