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Ian Hunt

  • Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts
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Lancaster University
The LICA Building

Email: i.hunt@lancaster.ac.uk

SUMMARY of research interests (100 words)

Abstract PhD Journal

The conceptualisation of memory in film is an expanding area of research that establishes the links between memory and identity through the use of case studies. The case studies in my thesis are primarily chosen for their use of cinematography, while also considering both genre and historical importance. In this thesis I will investigate primarily through their cinematography, the use of flashbacks in transnational and international cinema from their early and rare appearance in classical Hollywood film and the current trend in contemporary cinema in which complex narrative forms traditionally associated with independent art cinema have become common in productions targeted at mass audiences. As Turim states “The flashback is a crucial moment in a film narrative, one that captures the cinematic expression of memory, and history”. (Turim, 2013: 1-278). The flashback, the various definitions of the flashback, the evolving conventions associated with entering and exiting a flashback through cinematography and other methods, initially defined by classical Hollywood film conventions and those in art film. Using similar research methods, I will investigate the history and definitions of other memory representation in cinema, including; prosthetic memory, collective memory and cultural memory. Included in this thesis will be a critical analysis of my own film practice, a series of experimental films considering the production techniques employed in the creation of these films, how they represent aspects of memory and identity through the cinematography and editing processes.


MA Cinematography for Digital Film and Television, Bournemouth University

Award Date: 15/10/2014

BA Digital Media Production, Arts University Bournemouth

Award Date: 18/06/2013

Digital Media and Journalism, Bournemouth and Poole College

Award Date: 18/06/2010


Recent Work Experience

2014 to 2019: LSC Media. Digital Media Design & Videographer.Corporate Video.

LSC Media

Filming interviews, training videos and events. 

I also have excellent experience of providing Social Media and SEO services in an ever-evolving medium, keeping skills and processes up to date through research and online training courses.

Digital media design using Adobe Creative Suite, with key skills in Video production. Video capture. I am a skilled and experienced video editor particularly using Premier Pro. Skilled Image creation using Photoshop/Lightroom and website development using WordPress. 
Promotional video creation from initial concept to production. 

1 - I have additional skills in digital media including: - imaging, video creation and video editing enhanced by recently achieved Undergraduate and Post Graduate Degrees. 
2 - Experience of Social media development. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube
3 - Experience of creating Social media marketing campaigns. 
4 - Online marketing and brand development.
5 - Project and team management•iPhone App design using MyDemo 
6 - WordPress development and installation. Hosting setup and management.
7 - Key experience working with clients in the Financial Services and Banking Markets.

2014 to 2019: Smudgerhunt Film - Videographer/Cinematographer

Smudgerhunt Film

Film/video production company originally formed by a small group of students while I attended University and studying Cinematography for Digital Film and Television. 

As Cinematographer, and filmmaker I have worked on a number of Film and TV productions. Most recently a Television pilot for Indonesian TV, a promo video for the Arts University Bournemouth and a comedy pilot for Channel 4. 

I also have experience of Directing and Producing video either as a self-shooting Director or working with additional crew members on larger video projects.

1 - Experience of a variety of cameras and lighting equipment, from consumer DSLR’s to professional cameras, for example Professional Cameras; Arri Alexa, Canon C100/C300, RED Epic. Sony PXW-FS7, Sony EX3, Sony HD1500, Panasonic AG-HVX200 P2, Panasonic AG-AF101. Cameras; GoPro, Canon DSLR 5D MII/MKIII, 6D, 60D, 650D. Lighting; Computer and Manual Lighting controllers for Film and Theatre. DMUX, HMI, Tungsten, Halogen and LED (Arri) Lighting.. 

2 - I have experience of location sound recording as a self-shooting Director. Zoom H4nSP Handy Recorder, Rode; Videomic, NTG-1, NTG-2: Sennheiser; MK600, Wireless transmitters EW 100-ENG G3. Timecode Buddy Mini TX Multi-channel digital trans - TCB-02CE.
3 - Editing and Imaging Applications including:- Editing and Postproduction; Adobe Creative Suite CS4, CS6 and CC (key skills - After Effects and Premier Pro) Audition, Photoshop, Final Cut 7.0 & X, iStopmotion, iMovieHD: Web; WordPress, Dreamweaver. Business; Microsoft Office (ECDL Qualified), Access, Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

4 - Film Festival Awards and Official Selections

-1 The Alternative Film Festival 2018 (Y&TWFF - Best International Documentary)
-2 Hak-Is Short Film Festival 2018 (White Lining)
-3 Athrodite Film Awards New York 2018 (Y&TWFF - Finalist Best Documentary)
-4 London International Motion Picture Awards 2019 (Y&TWFF - Official Selection)
-5 XPO North 2018 (Finding Alice - Official Selection)
-6 Oniros 2017 (Abjection - Winner Best Picture)
-7 Berlin F Festival 2017 (Finding Alice - Peoples Choice Award)
-8 Cim Sueca 2017 (Abjection - Official Selection)
-9 XPO North 2015 (White Lining - Official Selection)
-10 DF Film Festival (White Lining - Official Selection)